I lost my favorite pen and can’t write without it!

How many times have you skipped writing/painting/creating because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ tools, or waited for days for that ‘perfect’ brush to arrive? That didn’t stop the famed missionary and explorer Dr. Livingstone:

In 1871, David Livingstone spent five months stranded in a small village in the Congo called Nyangwe. He had run out of writing paper and had nearly run out of ink, so he improvised the materials for his diary by writing over an old copy of The Standard newspaper with ink made from the seeds of a local berry.

Oh, and he was also malnourished and suffering from the typical smörgåsbord of tropical diseases that European explorers picked up in Africa.

A page from Livingstone’s journal

We all have ‘favorite’ tools to work with, favorite surfaces to work on and optimal conditions we like to work under. But the lack of those conditions should never be an excuse for not doing.
You can read the whole article and view the original pages and of the field diary here.

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